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Los Amigos


Logo created for initial launch of local restaurant. Sized and styled for Digital and Print Assets.

Los Amigos

Jackson Heights

Queens, NY



BashFit is an online brand which addresses the fitness and body positivity community in New York City. Asset used as part of their Instagram marketing campaign.

Bash Fit


Operation Supplement Safety : OPSS


Logo redesign for Non-Profit OPSS: Operation Supplement Safety. Part of a Integrated Marketing Campaign working with the staff of the organization.

Logo used to increase brand awareness and provide an updated, cleaner look to appeal to younger target market. 

Operation Supplement Safety: OPSS

Washington, DC


YouTube Brand Ambassador/Influencer campaign using YouTube Bodylifters popular among young military and DoD members identified during primary research. 

Amnesty InterNational

My Body My Rights Campaign Rebrand



As Amnesty International's Multimedia Intern, I took part in a campaign to rebrand the My Body, My Rights movement as demonstrated in a brochure made for the annual AGM conference.

The redesign included a photo based campaign with a campaign brand logo  inteded to be printed as posters as well as post cards to be distributed at various events.

Emma Wall | Designer | Photographer